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September 22, 2002 - Sunday
Having had the boys' cousin Chloe here for much of the weekend (her parents were attending a nearby wedding this weekend) I think the difference between two and three babies is that with two you can sometimes think that it ought to be like it was when there was just one, that maybe you'd have a little time to yourself every now and then. With two that's not really the case, but I think there's still hope. With three, the gig is up. Chloe had a fine time, eating like a champ, napping and sleeping like a big girl, and playing happily with the boys the whole time, but with the three together it was all babies all the time.

Jeremy's baby-sitter has been claiming that he's been waving bye-bye, but I hadn't seen it until today. Interestingly, it was not the little backward finger wave that both Harry and Chloe first learned, but a full arm wave. Unfortunately, I may have been the only one to see it today, although Jeremy did it several times. It's just that the processing time for baby Jeremy is a little slower than for someone older and by the time he remembered or realized he was supposed to wave, everyone would have turned away.

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