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September 26, 2002 - Thursday

Jeremy walks!

I think his first step was at the next town's library, lunging toward a large toy playhouse on a little knee-high table with 4-inch hard plastic figures. He and Harry had found this on our first trip to this library and both were fascinated by it. For Harry, the interest was the different costumes the figures had, from doctors to construction worker to UPS drivers. For Jeremy, it may have been more about trying to bite of their heads, but he was interested nonetheless. And so, on two separate occasions I put him down a little more than a foot away from this toy house and each time Jeremy lunged for the security of the table and each time stepping forward with one foot. That was the extent of Harry's first step.

And, that would have been a fine start for Jeremy. It took Harry another two weeks or so to take this idea of moving his feet and extend it to taking several assisted steps. Jeremy was a quicker study and made the leap in one day. He's always happy when his mother gets home from work, sometimes because he's hungry as was probably the case today and sometimes just because he's a mama's boy, and always wants to go to her. So, when she came in I had her sit on the floor and I put Jeremy some three feet away. This times there was no question about walking. He took at least two steps before being swooped up in her arms. Of course, he didn't have any interest in coming back to dad at the time and playing the walking game yet. But, he's walking.

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