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September 27, 2002 - Friday
Beyond picking up and dropping off, I haven't spent much time at Harry's preschool since he started there full time. Today I did, picking up Jeremy first, then hanging around at Harry's school for more than an hour and a half with the kids there and Harry's first teacher, Stephanie. She was the one who first made him feel comfortable there, but now only comes in the afternoons after Harry is gone due to a new seventh grade teaching job. A couple of Fridays she's come right as we've been leaving and Harry's gone up and hugged her, so I figured maybe we'd try staying late with her once. Of course, it's not that she and Harry would spend a lot of time together. She has 5-6 other kids to be watching and Harry is a little boy who's into his own trains and planes and other things. But I think Harry was aware that she was there with he. For me, it was nice to see Harry becoming comfortable in this place, playing with the other kids on occasion and slowly making friends, and to see him captivated and sitting up front again when Stephanie started to read the group a story.

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