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August 12, 2002 - Monday
Harry's first day alone at the new preschool seemed to be a success save a reported episode of melancholy right before nap time. The teachers, having met Harry before, have often said how little concern they have for him being able to fit in and today Stephanie, the teacher who has seen Harry the most, offered that these feelings of being overwhelmed are quite common as new kids enter an environment where so much is different. It probably didn't help that he hardly ate any of his lunch. Overall, they say, Harry continues to thrive. He gave me a huge running, jumping hug when he saw me at pick-up time. He's been happy to see me before, but that's a first. And, he says he had a good time.

I did ask him about the crying episode. "Harry, were you a little lonely today at school?"
"I was."
"Why were you lonely?" I asked, not really expecting a direct answer, since Harry usually either can't or doesn't try to find the words for such personal inquiries.
"For you," he said with a little, shy smile. How could I not give him a big hug? Of course, in the evening Harry was dreadfully annoying, fussy, whiny, and mischievous. Whether that is fatigue, vacation let down, hunger, or what I don't know.

Jeremy was back with Mary today, where he's sure to be doted upon. He cried as I was leaving, apparently not remembering all the happy time he spend there this spring until July. But, he quickly came around and was apparently his old familiar self after I was gone. Still, he, too, crawled directly toward me when I picked him up and he's never done that so aggressively either.

Vacation letdown...

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