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August 16, 2002 - Friday
Harry's preschool center today took what seemed to me to be a remarkably ambitious field trip to the zoo. I don't have any problem with them doing it, and the report was that Harry, as well as most of the other kids, was a champ all day long. But, it did mean parents volunteering to drive with random children more than an hour, staying well past their normal nap time, and then driving home presumably with sleeping kids. One of the teachers happened to mention it to me when I was there visiting with Harry a couple of weeks ago, with the implication that I could go too, but, fortunately, the timing wasn't going to work for me. Yet, as much as I'd like being with Harry at another zoo, I'm not sure about the rest with all the other kids. I was surprised to hear from Harry's teacher that he, and many of the other children without parents, held themselves together better than the ones with their own parents as chaperones, who inevitably started clinging toward the end.

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