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August 11, 2002 - Sunday
I've been playing in a guitar quartet for a little more than a year that plays mostly arrangements of Bach, as well as a few original compositions. For Harry's understand, we've referred to our monthly rehearsals as my "guitar meetings." Late this afternoon we gave something of a farewell concert for one of the four who is moving back to Germany and, with the permission of the others, we brought Harry and Jeremy to hear. With my cue, I'm sure, there were actually several children in attendance and that made it somewhat more casual and that was just fine. Harry got a chance to try out many of the random instruments at my friend's house, including a drum set, bongos, and other assorted percussion. It also made it so Harry wasn't highly out of place when he walked along the side of the room up to the front and stood right by me as I played. Every now and then, in the simpler passages, I would turn to him and smile.

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