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August 15, 2002 - Thursday
This morning at the end of breakfast, I went to the refrigerator to get orange juice, as is our routine. It had been a good morning with the boys and, in a good mood, I revived the old O JAAAAY cry as I pulled the carton out and got ready to pour the glasses. Actually, I think it was Harry who said it first, but after I did OJAAAAAAY a couple of times, raising my arms in the excitement, Jeremy smiled at the scene before him of his brother and father yelling OJAAAAY and said in a loud and happy voice "Oh Ay."

Coincidence? Maybe. But, there's a good chance he's mimicking sounds, although, of course, not speaking or comprehending words. That's how it starts. On the other hand, they say babies start processing words long before their young mouths can properly form the words. Who knows...

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