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April 13, 2003 - Sunday
Harry's had this tricycle for a long time, too long really. We picked it up at a nearby yard sale something like a year and a half ago when it was far too big. When he first rode it I would have to push him around because he was far from able to reach the pedals and far too young to understand the idea. Later I tried the classic blocks-on-the-pedals thing in an unsuccessful attempt to make the pedals more accessible to his still-short legs, but I think it just bred frustration more than anything.

This spring has really been too cold to be outside very much, let alone riding the tricycle. But, there have been a couple of days when we've been on the driveway and Harry's had the trike out and now that he feet do reach the pedals (admittedly, with little to spare) I've encouraged him to use them rather than pushing his feet on the ground. Those attempts have been typical of Harry. He'll try, not be able to do it, and declare almost right away that he either doesn't like it that way or can't do it. It's frustrating to what and hear because it's easy to see how close he is to mastering the feat. Yet, once again, today Harry proved that somewhere along the way, when we weren't watching or perhaps simply in his head, he figured out how it worked and now he's off and riding. A look of determination and concentration quickly gave way to smiles (above) and pride. Meanwhile, Jeremy has pretty much taken over this little lawn-mower-like riding toy and that's just fine with everyone.

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