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April 20, 2003 - Sunday
I've seen these two Mallards in our little stream before; maybe a half dozen times since we moved here. Harry and Jeremy have seen them, too, but only this spring that I can remember (and if they did, they wouldn't have remembered either). However, they have seen the pair twice recently and that makes this morning's encounter all the more personal I suspect.

It's just been over the last week that Harry and Jeremy had seen the two ducks, once near our house with me and the other with their mother walking down the street by the "frog pond." Harry apparently saw them first that second time so he's starting to feel like he knows the ducks. Jeremy, well, "duck" is one of his few words, so that makes them special to him, I imagine.

This morning we happened to be out by our stream when Mr. and Mrs. Mallard came floating along and when they seem to linger a little I ran inside for the camera and some crusts of bread. Oh, it's probably not the right thing to do to feed wild animals people food (the bread is empty calories for the ducks that probably means they won't eat the right things later). But, we won't do this every day and the boys, and the ducks, sure seemed to like it this time.

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