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December 2, 2003 - Tuesday
What an exciting afternoon for the boys. We rode in a tow truck.

It turns out the alternator in the Tracker gave out and stopped the car from running. It first happened just as we were coming out of a car wash and I thought, on a cold day, something in the engine must have just gotten wet. But, after a few minutes of trying and with two boys in a cold car, I called AAA for a jump start or tow. Wouldn't you know, but as soon as I hang up from the 15 minute call to AAA, the car started. I drove straight to the garage that was going to come to tell them I was OK and joked with the man there about towing us anyway to give the boys a thrill.

But, then on the way home from the center of town, the lights started to dim and the car started to lose power and about halfway home we stopped again. So, the tow truck came and boy where the boys excited. Of course, there was the problem of car seats,. so the driver first tried a jump start. I think that would have been a disappoint for Harry and Jeremy who by then were expecting our car to be put up on the flat bed. But, the jump start didn't last long enough for the driver to get back in his truck and start leading us home. So, up when the car, much to the boys' delight and with flashers twirling and two boys on my lap in the tow truck cab, we headed home, Harry smiling all the way and Jeremy, well, sitting in awe on my knee.

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