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November 30, 2003 - Sunday
Apparently we have a new bedtime routine. For a long time after mommy gave Jeremy a bath and I played with Harry until it was his turn, Jeremy would come to the top of the stairs, call for me to come say "goodnight," then go read stories with mommy. I'd often ask Jeremy who he'd like to read him stories and, never coy like his brother, Jeremy would usually say "mommy" and I'd say goodnight and go back down with Harry for a little longer. Oh, a few times he'd ask me, but not many. Then, seemingly all of a sudden (although I guess it started when mommy was away on business for four nights), Jeremy consistent started saying "daddy." And, so it now goes. I read to Jeremy and mommy goes down and starts Harry's bath process more leisurely. Mommy still reads to Harry after his bath most of the time and I'll usually go in some time after she starts to say "goodnight."

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