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December 12, 2003 - Friday
Late this afternoon, as has happened a few times since the holiday season began, I was driving home with the boys after sundown reveling in the Christmas lights on display outside around the houses. I'll point to lights I see up ahead and get excited and the boys will get excited. I'll say, "look at the colored lights on Harry's side" or "wow!" and the boys, especially Jeremy since he can't say too many other words, will say "wow!" And then, of course, like siblings they, mostly Harry, will argue about who can say "wow" when they are on Harry's side and that Jeremy should only say "wow" when the lights are on his side. But that's really a different issue. And, sure, I point out the lights to keep them distracted as the afternoon comes to a close. But, there is such genuine excitement in the Christmas lights and it's contagious.

"Maybe we could have lights outside our house," says Harry in his usual passive-aggressive manner. Actually, it's amazing that he hasn't said that more often. Equally amazing, with my traditionalist sense of home decoration, is that he's very close to convincing me that we really should.

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