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December 15, 2003 - Monday
This is Harry's third and last student evaluation from Preschool (Dec 2002 and June 2003), as he will be moving up to Pre-K after the holiday break. He was the youngest in the class by a significant margin when he started there and did not move up with most of his first class because of it. He'll again be the youngest once he moves, but he's definitely getting bored where he is. The comments about his increasing lack of cooperation with rules and clean up show a regression that seems indicative of his outgrowing the rest of the class and questioning authority in preschool.

The following is an approximation of the form (italics indicate teacher comments)...

Child's Name ___Harry____ Birthday ___12-16-99___ Age __4.0___
Date ___Dec 2003___ Teacher ___Debbie & Cathleen___

I. Parent Information
. A. What are your child's feelings toward the program?
. B. Are your expectations for your child being met at the program?
. C. What responsibilities does your child have at home?
. D. Are there any special situations you would like us to be made aware of?

II. Adjustment to School
. A. Separation
_x_ Confident
___ Needs teacher help
___ Fearful
. B. Routines and Rules
_x_ Understands and follows ground rules ............* needs encouragement on occasion.
___ Seems to understand but does not follow ground rules
___ Is working on gaining an understanding of the ground rules
. C. Peer Relationships
_x_ Seeks out other children
___ Waits for others to initiate friendship
_x_ Solitary play
_x_ Parallel play
_x_ Cooperative play
___ Has difficulty cooperating in certain situations
. D. Relationship with Teachers
_x_ Good rapport
_x_ Usually works independently of teachers
___ Is quite dependent upon teachers
. E. Individual Work Habits
_x_ Works independently
___ Needs encouragement to work independently
_x_ Needs encouragement finding appropriate work...* occasionally needs reminders
_x_ Good concentration skills
___ Developing concentration skills
_x_ Completes a work cycle............* most often needs encouragement to assist in clean up.
___ Needs encouragement completing a work cycle
. F. Clothes and Belongings
_x_ Independently cares for belongings
___ Appropriate help as needed
_x_ Needs encouragement
_x_ Independently dresses self and zips jacket ....*Emerging :-) *Is doing very well with socks and shoes

III. Participation in Program
. A. Group Participation
_x_ Usually participates
___ Needs encouragement to participate

Favorite Activities: Construction, Art, Music, Books, Sensory play

. B. Language
_x_ Speaks clearly
_x_ Speaks in sentences
___ Muscle development

IV. Small Muscle
_x_ Holds and uses crayon/pencil correctly
_x_ Holds and uses scissors correctly
___ Traces a line accurately.....
___ Cuts on a straight line.......
___ Cuts a circle . . . . . . . . . . .*age appropriate and emerging
_x_ Explores variety of art materials

V. Large Muscle
_x_ Hops or jumps
_x_ Walks forward on a balance beam...edge of sandbox on playground
___ Walks backwards on a balance beam
_x_ Manipulates self on climber
_x_ Enjoys outdoor play
_x_ Runs with control (stop, change direction, etc.)

VI. Cognitive Development
. A. Visual Perception
_x_ Matches basic shapes and sizes
_x_ Names basic colors
_x_ Recognizes like objects
_x_ Recognizes printed name
. B. Mathematics
_x_ Names the basic shapes
_x_ Counts by rote 1 to _
_x_ Counts objects 1 to 20

General Comments

December 2003

Harry is a delightful, well-adjusted, engaging 4 year-old. He continues to progress at a normal, steady rate. He has bonded well to both his teachers and peers and seems to enjoy his school environment a great deal!

While at school, Harry has a variety of interests both inside the classroom and outdoors. His favorite classroom activities continue to be construction, dramatic play, language and literature, music and art expression. On the playground, the sandbox and the ride-on toys seem to have continued preference.

It is apparent that Harry's verbal skills are highly developed as observed through both free choice and group time activities. His cognitive abilities appear to be well within the normal range and he can attend for extended periods of time. Harry often enjoys sharing information and experiences of his with us and we equally enjoy listening!

Harry continues to seek out certain playmates (i.e., Robert, Nick S., Timmy), however, he will also choose to play alongside and cooperatively [sic] with others.

Some areas of recent challenge for Harry appear to be: cooperation during clean up time, independently dressing and expressing feelings during conflict. All of these areas of which do seem to be steadily improving with consistent encouragement.

Our goals for Harry are continued enhancement of self-help skills, fostering healthy social/emotional growth and further cognitive enrichment.

Harry has taken "great strides" this year and seems to have and a productive 15 months in the preschool group. We have enjoyed being a part of his growth and development and are confident that he will continue to thrive in his new classroom.

Comments, Opinions?