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December 20, 2003 - Saturday
Jeremy pooped in the big toilet today for the first time. He's been peeing in the big toilet fairly consistently for two or three months now, although the frequency comes and goes a little and it's rarely out of true need. He'll often go when we ask him if he needs to, but he doesn't suggest it too much. And, he doesn't seem to mind peeing in his diaper all that much yet. Oddly, though he defnitely wants his diaper changed if he has had a bowel movement, he hasn't seemed all that anxious to try doing that in the toilet instead of in his diaper. On the other hand, there have been a couple of occasions when his tried for a little more while being changed. Today, was one of those times. He tried hard and eventually more did come. He's clearly not ready for a serious do-away-with-diapers kind of potty training yet, but that openness to using the toilet does suggest that things will be different than with Harry.

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