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June 20, 2003 - Friday
We were suppose to have a parent-teacher conference a couple of days ago with Harry Preschool teacher, Cathleen. But, I got a call that morning saying that Harry had a high fever. He had to come home and has been home since, save a hour this morning when I needed to go to school to assist with something completely different I'd promised. I don't know that such a conference is necessary, although with more kids in Harry's class I don't talk casually with Cathleen very much anymore. She does say that the changes in Harry over the last few months have been significant and most of those are spelled out in the evaluation below (which is the same form as was used in Dec 2002). However, if nothing else I'd kind of like to hear some more anecdotes about Harry's play with the rest of the class and someone else's take on his growth; indeed, someone who spends almost as many hours with him as I do.

The following is an approximation of the form (italics indicate teacher comments)...

Child's Name ___Harry____ Birthday ___12-16-99___ Age __3.6___
Date ___June 2003___ Teacher ___Cathleen & Carrie___

I. Parent Information
. A. What are your child's feelings toward the program?
. B. Are your expectations for your child being met at the program?
. C. What responsibilities does your child have at home?
. D. Are there any special situations you would like us to be made aware of?

II. Adjustment to School
. A. Separation
_x_ Confident
___ Needs teacher help
___ Fearful
. B. Routines and Rules
_x_ Understands and follows ground rules
___ Seems to understand but does not follow ground rules
___ Is working on gaining an understanding of the ground rules
. C. Peer Relationships
_x_ Seeks out other children
___ Waits for others to initiate friendship
_x_ Solitary play
___ Parallel play
_x_ Cooperative play...................*plays with others more often now
___ Has difficulty cooperating in certain situations
. D. Relationship with Teachers
_x_ Good rapport . . . . . . . :-)
_x_ Usually works independently of teachers
___ Is quite dependent upon teachers
. E. Individual Work Habits
_x_ Works independently
___ Needs encouragement to work independently
___ Needs encouragement finding appropriate work
_x_ Good concentration skills
___ Developing concentration skills
_x_ Completes a work cycle
___ Needs encouragement completing a work cycle
. F. Clothes and Belongings
_x_ Independently cares for belongings
___ Appropriate help as needed
___ Needs encouragement
_x_ Independently dresses self and zips jacket . . . .*starting to put on own shoes & socks with help

III. Participation in Program
. A. Group Participation
_x_ Usually participates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . in morning meeting
_x_ Needs encouragement to participate . . in group activities & projects
. B. Language
_x_ Speaks clearly . . . . . . . * people comment on Harry's speech often
_x_ Speaks in sentences

IV. Small Muscle
_x_ Holds and uses crayon/pencil correctly
_x_ Holds and uses scissors correctly . . . . . . . *Harry loves to cut
_x_ Traces a line accurately
_x_ Cuts on a straight line
___ Cuts a circle . . . . . . . . . . .*working on it
_x_ Explores variety of art materials

V. Large Muscle
_x_ Hops or jumps
___ Walks forward on a balance beam
___ Walks backwards on a balance beam
_x_ Manipulates self on climber
_x_ Enjoys outdoor play
_x_ Runs with control (stop, change direction, etc.)

VI. Cognitive Development
. A. Visual Perception
_x_ Matches basic shapes and sizes
_x_ Names basic colors
_x_ Recognizes like objects
_x_ Recognizes printed name
. B. Mathematics
_x_ Names the basic shapes . . . . *most
_x_ Counts by rote 1 to _16, 19-26_
_x_ Counts objects 1 to _16, 19-26_

Social / Emotional Development
What is his/her disposition and usual facial expression and appearance? _Cute :-), happy, sweet, excited, expressive_
How does the child respond and react to the teacher? Is he/she antagonistic, dependent, independent, subservient, cooperative, attention-getting, friendly, negative, timid? _cooperative, cuddly, friendly_
How does the child respond and react to the parent?______
Your child indicated the following possible personality traits:___curious, intelligent, fun, loving___

A. During times of frustration or tension:
___ Hits ________ Throws tantrums _________ Wants adult reassurance
___ Kicks _______ ( Yells ) _________________ (Understands situation and adjusts)
___ Bites _______ Cries ________________ Sucks thumb or finger
___ Scratches ____ Increased state of activity
___ Spits _______ Pulls hair ________________ Withdrawn
___ Pinches _____ (Appropriate verbal expression)

Comments _Harry handles frustration very appropriately_

B. With the group your child is:
___ (Leader) with centain children_ Boisterous _________ Uncooperative ______ Quarrelsome
___ ( Follower ) ____ Reticent ___________ Determined_________ Good Loser
___ shy _________ ( Cooperative ) ______ Timid ____________ Poor Loser
___ (Accepted) _____ ( Content ) _________ ( Creative) ________ (Funny)

Comments _Harry is a very sweet boy and well liked by the group._

Your child needs improvement in:

_ Use of language _______________ Sharing possessions and equipment
_ Enjoying other children _________ Accepting failure and frustrations
_ Accepting new people _________ Overcoming fears
_ Self-entertainment _____________ Learning to relax
_ Greater self-confidence _________ Greater attention span
_ Accepting limits ______________ Learning to take turns
_ Independence ________________ Cooperating with adults
_____________________________ Cooperating with children

Play Patterns
What activities repeatedly interest the child?

Your child enjoys
_ (Legos) _____________( Stories) ______________ Clapping hands ____ Climbing
_ (Blocks)____________( Cutting ) :-)____________ Puzzles ________ (Bikes) :-)
_ Easel painting _______ ( Clay ) ______________ Finger paint _______Swings
_ ( Pasting ) ___________ Doll corner ___________ ( Water Play ) _____ ( Sand )
_ Crayons ____________ ( Books ) _____________ Walks ___________ Sledding
_ Games _____________ Singing ______________ (Rhythm band) _____ ( Trucks) & Cars

Other __trains, animals___

Intellectual Development
Alertness to environment; his type of interest, use of judgment, language development, vocabulary, and its improvement. Attention span at various activities, special skills; follows directions

Physical Development
Describe the child's appearance, general health, disabilities, energy, cooperation, large and small muscle, skill in use of equipment, e.g. scissors, pencils, climbers, bikes, manipulatives

Reaction upon arrival _very content & easily engages ___
Putting away toys and helping with clean-up __ getting better ___
Independence in dressing, tying shoes etc. __ puts on coat, shoes & socks w/ help__
Toileting, washing _in underwear, needs to be told to go ___
Sleeping habits ___ sleeps every day for apr. 2 hrs __
Eating habits _____ eats very well ____

General Comments

June 2003

Harry has grown a great deal since January. He is more comfortable and outgoing. Harry is a very smart, loving, friendly, cooperative, cute, expressive, and sweet boy :-). Harry enters in the morning happy and easily engages in an activity of his choice. He follows the routine and rules of the room with little reminders. Recently Harry has begun to imitate and experiment with behaviors he has observed other children doing. For example, repeating a silly phrase or using a toy inappropriately. Harry is respectful and cooperates well with both adults and children.

Harry enjoys using trains, reading books, using play-doh, cutting with scissors, pushing the bikes outside or playing in the sandbox with the trucks. Harry has become good friends with Robert and spends most of his time with him. He also enjoys playing with Aidan and William.

Harry is becoming more independent. He is able to clear from snack, open his own lunch, and clean up from lunch. He is using the toilet, but needs reminders to go. Harry is able to put on his own coat and just recently learned how to put on his shoes and socks :-). He used to become very frustrated, but now can do it independently with little frustration.

Harry sits attentively during morning meeting and loves to share information with his friends about things he has seen or places he has been. He participates in songs and games. He will occasionally choose to participate in group acitivities or projects, but usually needs to be encouraged to try.

Harry is an intelligent boy and he speaks extremely well. Harry has grown and developed in many areas these past few months. I am glad to see that he is comfortable and forming strong relationships with the children.

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