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March 22, 2003 - Saturday
For the last week or so, Harry mother has been leaving underwear on display for Harry in the bathroom. These are briefs with trains, backhoes, and other capital items of interest that we've bought for Harry over the last several months, always at his asking in a store, but never of interest back at home. Well, never of interest that is until about a week ago when Harry apparently asked his mother about them and together they went to his bureau drawer and examined them. When asked, he said he did not want to try them on, just look, but there was clearly something going on in his head. I know there has been some discussion of them at school, although I do not know the extent. So, with that emerging curiosity, mommy has left them out.

Then this morning - had he overheard mommy and I talking about this on the phone in the parking lot yesterday? - again at his own request, she helped him put a pair on. And, it was not just to try, he had apparently decided that he was going to wear them today. He went to the grocery store with mommy this morning without incident or accident. It was only back home just before lunch that he had his first two a small accidents, one that required new pants, one small enough not to. It's how they learn, apparently, and he was undeterred. He wanted another pair each time. And, he made it through his nap just fine, still insisting on wearing the underwear.

The only other accident he had was at his cousin Chloe's house and again this was small, new underwear but not new pants. We had planned to spend the night there and I think he probably let his guard down a little in all the excitement. But, we'd brought his potty with us and he used that regularly with that one exception (although still never at his initiation). Harry's always been a thoughtful boy and it's really no great surprise that his first day in underwear was a raging success, likely because it was he who decided it was time. Knowing his character, that's probably not something he would have done without feeling fairly well prepared physically and emotionally.

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