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March 23, 2003 - Sunday
We brought Harry's potty with us on our overnight visit to cousin Chloe's house and Harry used it. But, when we stopped for a midday visit at Aunt Alison's farm on the way home to see the progress on her new house, I left the potty buried in the back of the car. I could have gotten it out, but I know that if Harry is going to wear his underwear to school tomorrow he's going to have to overcome an apprehension about using unfamiliar potties and maybe using different toilet standing up (he's always sat down on the potty at home) would be an easier way than sitting on a toilet that makes him nervous. So, we tried. I found something for him to stand on that put him at a good height and we tried without success the first time. But, the second time, after lunch, he stood again and peed standing up. He seemed to get a kick out of it. Maybe we're making progress.

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