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October 10, 2003 - Friday
Jeremy has become remarkably sensitive to wearing Harry's hand-me-downs and I find it fascinating. There a particular yellow shirt featuring Bob the Builder that Harry used to wear a fair amount and every time either his mother or I have taken it out of Jeremy's drawer, or even just asked if he wanted to wear the "yellow shirt," he becomes agitated and starts saying "Yisch, Yisch," meaning "Harry, Harry" or, presumably "Harry's." Ordinarily, I'd think Jeremy would like the shirt, since yellow is thus far his favorite color (or at least the one he likes to say best) and it's got Bob the Builder and tools on it. But, his refusal is increasingly not an isolated to that shirt and also happens with other clothes, mostly shirts, that we try to hand down too quickly without a resting period, although I don't know how long that would be or even if it would work.

Really, it's probably not all about fashion. Jeremy often, when picking up a toy, will cite from whom he got it. Most often that's Mary, but not always. He even does it about foods that Harry or someone else particularly enjoys. I'm not sure what to make out of any of this, except that Jeremy is showing himself to be aware of his surroundings and/or his possessions.

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