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August 6, 2004 - Friday
Yesterday, Jeremy made it through the whole day at Mary's, including his nap, without accidents and without changing to a pull-up. However, he still hasn't done well with pooping in the toilet. When asked he says he doesn't like it and that's likely to be more likely than having accidents sneak up on him. When he's at Mary's he regularly goes under the same table, a pretty clear indication that it's not unexpected and more likely the result of some desire or confidence barrier. So yesterday, as I did with Harry, I bribed him. I took him to the store and let him pick out a train (a wooden track James with an extra coal car) and told him he could open in when he pooped on the toilet. Somewhat surprisingly, although very maturely, Harry accepted without question my explanation that this was to be Jeremy's train for pooping on the toilet. In fact, as we were walking away from the shelf Harry was explaining to Jeremy what he had to do to get the train, clearly remembering his own experience. I bought Harry a baseball bat so he didn't have to leave to store empty-handed, although I really don't think I needed to. But, he was so good about the whole thing and the bat was something that I promised when we bought his glove. This seemed a good time. I told Mary about this in the morning and told her that I would be willing to bring it over if he succeeded. I thought that would be in the morning and when no call came I was a little discouraged. But, about a half an hour before I would have left to pick him up the phone rang and for a moment it seemed no one was on the other end. Then, just as the move to hang up hit me I had another thought and it was correct. Almost immediately I heard Mary in the background saying, "talk louder." I brought the new train with me.

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