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August 8, 2004 - Sunday
Yesterday afternoon we came up to Maine for the annual family vacation week and that means that for the second night Harry and Jeremy slept in the same room. Last year this same room stuff was certainly a mixed bag. It was wonderful that the boys got along so well, but in the privacy of a closed room their jocularity made nap times and bedtimes a bit wild. Surprisingly, so far over two nights and one nap there's been none of that, but there are a few obvious reasons why not. First, Harry isn't taking naps (at least not in the room, although he did fall asleep on the sofa) and that means Jeremy is in a quiet room. Second, both last night and tonight Harry and Jeremy have stayed up a lot later than they are used to and, thanks to plenty of beach activity (today), were both pretty well exhausted at bedtime. We'll see if it continues.

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