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August 12, 2004 - Saturday
I was expecting something different from this morning's visit to the trolley museum, although I guess I'm not really sure what. It's a place Harry came to when he was two and a half, as Jeremy is now, and in made him as animated as he ever gets. I suppose I would have thought that happy-go-lucky Jeremy would have been equally effusive, perhaps moreso. In hindsight, I suppose it shouldn't have been surprised that Jeremy was more focused on details than on the bigger realities of seeing all those trains at once. Jeremy likes what he likes and he's happiest when things are going his way. Unlike Harry who again today reveled in climbing aboard the plethora of semi-restored trolley cars and running through them with cousin Ben, Jeremy was particularly focused on going in the yellow trolley car. Awkwardly, the yellow one was not open to visitors and that was hard for Jeremy to grasp. Sure, he did make it through some of the others and talked a little about being the engineer of the trolley, but compared to Harry he was just not having as much fun. And, I guess that's the revealing part. On the surface it always seems like Harry's the guarded and introverted one, but it's really Jeremy who is more regulated.

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