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August 4, 2004 - Wednesday
With Jeremy back in diapers for about two weeks, we had just about become resigned to the likelihood that he would not be going to school with Harry this fall (Harry's school requires kids be potty trained, or at least in pull-ups and trying hard) and more basically, that perhaps he just isn't ready physically to be in underpants. But this past weekend, Jeremy again started insisting on wearing underpants. He did pretty well over the weekend, although had accidents both days and did not seem inclined to try pooping on the toilet. Monday, somewhat surprisingly, he insisted on wearing underpants to Larissa's house. That's not really surprising on the surface, but Larissa's house is somewhat less familiar than Mary's to him and I might have thought that there would be more hesitation. He did have one accident, but not until after lunch and that was pretty good. Yesterday, back at Mary's was less good and Jeremy was back in pull-ups when I got him. Then, today, he wore underpants all day long, save during his nap (Mary says he didn't like the pull-up then either, but she insisted). And, when I picked him up he had the same underpants and same outfit that I dressed him in this morning. No accidents! Maybe there's hope for the fall yet.

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