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July 10, 2004 - Saturday
We came to the cabin yesterday afternoon and spent a lot of time today cutting fireword for both the cabin and to bring home to our wood stove. Of course, it was mostly Grandpa Hal and I who spent the time cutting and loading wood into the trailer while the boys played around the cabin with mommy and Grandma. They came down to watch the a tree being cut, but didn't stay very long. I thought Harry might be more interested, but the chainsaw is loud so it's understandable that he'd want to go back to the house. Besides, after we brought the first load of logs up to the cabin, there was more for the boys to play with.

After the woodcutting, we took to boys to a playground and out for a pizza dinner. There were just a few other kids at the playground and that was just perfect for Harry. There was one boy who was probably right about the same age, although he had to leave after a little while. But, when he left Harry joined with two other kids, an older boy of 6-7 and his sister, perhaps 5-years-old, and had a great time running around. The interesting part of this is that at one point Harry called out and said, "look, I'm making friends." He's still thinking about it! That's amazing to me.

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