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December 17, 2001 - Monday
When I went in to get Harry this morning he said three things. "Harry is awake." "Harry woke up." And, "Harry go play." Indeed, it must have been hard to go to bed with all these wonderful new toys downstairs, but Harry did. And, this morning he remembered all about it and was down there in no time. Interestingly, while I was sure that he'd head straight for the big contruction truck, the first thing Harry went for was the plastic cylinder of miniature dinosaurs.

Harry had his two year check-up today, for which his mother has been preparing him for a couple of days. On the way in he was smartly saying the doctor's name, though that gave way to a little more concern once inside. Still he held it together until the nurse, then the doctor started poking and prodding. We tried to explain that they were measuring - Harry knows about measuring from his and my work on the shed - but that only went so far to appease him. The stats are that Harry is 24 1/2 piunds and amost 34 inches tall, small for his age (as I was) but showing consistent growth.

When we returned home, Harry started playing with his new toys again and the big toys got plenty of use. But, so did these letters.

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