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December 19, 2001 - Wednesday
I found myself doing something very dangerous today in front of Harry, our budding little construction expert. I was in the city at our old apartment fixing a crack in the bathroom wall and Harry mother was dropping him off with me for a while on her way to a party for a coworker near there. The apartment was vacant, so I figured Harry would have fun running amok in the empty rooms, but I needed to finish this one task before I turned my attention to that fun. The danger was in doing something that Harry will clearly remember and probably want to try himself at some point.

Fixing the crack in the wall has the awkward precursor of needing to widen and "clean" the existing crack by cutting into the wall a little with a putty knife. So, there I was with a putty knife that Harry had just been playing with, gouging it into the wall and cutting out the plaster. Harry quite rightly asked his mother, "what's daddy doing." She hesitantly answered, "daddy's fixing the wall." From there it was an even more awkward series of qualifying explanations of what I was doing and how I was going to fill in the crack with putty, but I'm sure that all Harry saw was daddy digging into the wall as a way of fixing. I think will be keeping the putty knives away from Harry for a while.

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