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December 21, 2001 - Friday
We had a chimney fire this morning almost immediately after I lit the wood stove. It's impossible to know how long it would have taken us to notice it if it weren't for some kind construction workers who started early at the house next door and came knocking at our door. As it was, the entire episode on the inside of the house was thankfully about as uneventful as a house fire can be. The firemen came and were up on the roof removing a virtual clog from the chimney, but there was never any smoke inside the house. However, there were firemen in their big yellow fireproof coats and fire hats coming in and out of the house investigating and that was plenty of a thrill for Harry. I just don't know what it is about those hats and little boys, but Harry already has his eyes on one. His mother reports Harry seeing the firemen and saying something like, "fireman hat, Harry want one."

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