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December 20, 2001 - Thursday
I'm trying to remember if Harry as a baby ever cried inconsolably for what seemed like an endless period of time when he really should have been sleeping. Of course he did. But, somehow, and fortunately, those times are more easily forgotten than the happy cooing and aahing. If I force myself, as I do now, I can remember turning my ears off and letting the piercing noise of a baby's cry go past as I methodically sing and rock and pat or anything else that seems to curb the otherwise constant onset of sound. I remember that those times ultimately and inevitably ended in what actually was a relatively short amount of time, at least compare to what it seemed like as it was happening. I remember these things today and know that Jeremy will not cry all night and that, even if he wakes up his sleeping brother, this is probably not going to be one of the memories I carry forever.

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