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June 23, 2003 - Monday
There's a boy in Harry's class, Robert, who excited yells "Harry's here!" when we walk in each morning. Robert, less than two months younger than Harry, although newer to the preschool classroom, apparently thinks Harry is the best kid there. His mother says, "the only way I can make him get ready for school is to say that Harry will be there." I don't know too much about Robert. He doesn't talk all that well and I really only see him for a few minutes each day, but I get the impression that he's far less reserved than Harry and far more overt about expressing his likes and dislikes. Still, it seems like all of his clothes feature Bob the Builder and Harry has taught him about trains and perhaps that's enough. The bottom line is that it's just great that Harry is making friends, opening up to other kids, and, at least in this way, being popular.

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