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June 29, 2003 - Sunday
Harry didn't nap today, at least his mother doesn't think he did. If not, it wouldn't be the first time either. Two or three times over just the last couple of weeks I've been told he has not napped at school either. At the same time, much of last week he has slept in in the morning often until after 7:30am, as much as an hour later than normal. All of this has coincided with a dramatic warming in the weather and my first thought is that the unfamiliar heat simply has him more sluggish. But, it's hard to know whether the reduction in napping is the result or cause of the sleeping late or whether these are the first signs that Harry is growing out of his need to nap. It's also hard to know, if there is a longer term transition happening here, whether giving up naps in exchange for sleeping later is preferable.

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