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June 30, 2003 - Monday
Jeremy: "Home"
Harry: "No, Jeremy, we're not home!"

Jeremy: "Du(m)p truck."
Harry: "No, Jeremy, there aren't any dump trucks here!"

Jeremy: "Shaw."
Harry: "No, Jeremy, there aren't any rickshaws here!" (The boys know rickshaws from a book and it's a word Jeremy says.)

These little dialogues, and others like them, happen all too frequently these days as the three of us drive around in the car. I keep trying to point out to Harry that Jeremy only knows a few words and that maybe he's meaning "he wants to go home"' instead of "we're home," or "to see" a dump truck rather than "I see" one, or was saying something he saw "looked like a rickshaw." But, Harry persists. It's part of his emerging type A personality, I suppose, but it does pain me a little that his manner is so declarative and impatient in these in situations and a little too close to the way his dad can get sometimes.

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