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July 4, 2003 - Friday
We went to see grandma and grandpa and to watch the small parade in my old home town on this 4th of July. But, we didn't stay very long after that because grandma and grandpa were off to visit Aunt Jane and Cousin Ben and we'd finally found a time to go see Aunt Alison's new house now that the old house was gone. How would Harry react? We didn't really know, although he seemed anxious to go despite his apprehension about the old house being knocked down by the backhoe. I suppose now that he understood that it was a fait accompli, perhaps he was curious to see. And, indeed, that seemed to be the case. Aunt Alison said she had a videotape of the demolition and asked us whether he'd like to watch it. We didn't know and asked him directly. He said 'yes' right away and watched it intently and happily. Maybe this was closure. Maybe it was just uncertainty about it that was the problem.

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