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July 3, 2003 - Thursday
Over the last couple of days Harry has taken great pride in "reading" Dr. Suess's ABC to his mother and me. He did it at bedtime a couple of nights ago and then again yesterday morning when I went in to see him in the morning and then again last night. Obviously what he is doing is remembering the text of the story with help from his knowledge of the alphabet and the pictures. It's a normal thing for young children to do, although admittedly not many children quite as young as Harry. But, it does mark the early stages of learning to read.

It also seems to have marked a transition in our bedtime routine. The songs have been less interesting to Harry for a while now. He hasn't been really listening, just using them to delay sleep and negotiating how many songs I will sing. We've always read stories at naptime, but not in the dark at bedtime. Maybe that will change now, especially if Harry's the one who wants to do the reading.

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