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June 28, 2003 - Saturday
Jeremy's mother took him to the clinic this morning for a strep test after a 103 temperature last evening, a 101 temperature this morning, and Harry's strep last weekend. The quick test was negative, but that test often misses. Given the facts, the doctor still prescribed medicine for strep anyway.

I didn't go to the hospital, but his mother says that Jeremy made the nurse burst out laughing when she tried to give him the throat culture. Apparently, as she came at him with the long swab, Jeremy offered up his best stick out the lower lip, sad eyed, chin down pout. He really does it very well, often getting us to laugh, too (although that's not his goal, I don't think), and it's easy to picture what happened with the nurse.

Indeed, while Jeremy hasn't learned to speak like Harry at this stage of life, his communcation strength, arguably equally as masterful as Harry's words, is his facial expression. Where Harry is visually coy, Jeremy is extremely expressive with just his facial expressions, both happy and not.

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