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April 23, 2000 - Sunday
Our family of three drove out to Harry's great-grandfather and great-grandmother's house today for Easter dinner. It many ways it was a typical holiday dinner, with four generations of family including aunts and uncles, siblings and cousins all wrapped around a table that wasn't quite big enough, but always had room for one more place.

However on this holiday, the conversations directed toward me dealt overwhelmingly with Harry's potential future home. Shortly after we arrived and before the masses descended, I got a call from our Realtor - I had given her the number in case of news - telling us that our offer on a house had been accepted with only minor adjustments. If all goes well with the inspections and details, Harry may be in a handsome and clean new house before he's able to crawl and get into trouble. The house is only 15 years old, though built very much in the style and charm of a very old house. The white picket fences off to the right are only about a foot and a half tall and encircle an ideal yard area for a toddler to play in without great anxiety to mother and father.

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