In this picture you can also see the results of Harry's second haircut, done again while he was asleep. However, Harry stayed so still during some post-haircut amendment that next time maybe we'll try it while he's awake.
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August 8, 2000 - Tuesday
Harry took his first cruise today. Since we got here he's been working these hassocks pretty good: crawling to them regularly and climbing to a standing position. And, today, he began to maneuver around them with a couple small steps from one to the other. Actually, he's been standing up with the assistance of many of the pieces of furniture around the cottage's living room, but these hassocks seem to be his favorite targets.

In an unrelated developmental coup, Harry ate almost half of a solid banana. He was acting rather board with his usual luncheon fare and I happened to be opening a banana. He's had bananas before in his baby oatmeal mix, so the flavor would have probably been familiar. What's more, he's done a great job with his little Zweibach hard toasts, gnawing them with his gums. A banana is easy work compared to that and he went right at it, mouth agape, gumming off increasingly larger chunks as he went along.

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