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June 19, 2000 - Monday
Harry's doctor was mostly very impressed by Harry's progress at his six month visit. Solid food-eating seems to be going well. Harry's demonstrated ability from just yesterday (with the juggling ball, appropriately) of being able to hold an object in one hand while picking up another with the other and not dropping the first apparently showed excellent intellectual progress for his age, as did his increased mobility, ability to stand with help only for balance, and his fascination with hide and seek in various forms - like being underneath the sanitary paper on the examination table. Indeed, Harry had a great fascination with the paper and all the noise it made when he grabbed and wrinkled it. He made quite a mess of it by the end of his stay. Harry's euphoria perpetuated through much of the appointment and, unfortunately for his doctor, hit a literal high note in a bit of slapstick comedy just while she was moving the stethoscope around Harry's chest.

In a mild note of concern, Harry has apparently dropped way down into the 25th percentile of height (26.5 inches) and weight (16 lbs.) for his age, that after being born in the 95th percentile. I've often thought that, given his mother's and my shorter stature by current standards, Harry was unlikely to hold his initial course. And, the doctor agrees that his new weight information may simply be baring that out; however, it is something we'll all monitor over the next few weeks to ensure Harry's getting the proper nutrition.

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