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September 3, 2001 - Monday
Labor Day meant one more party for Harry, this one at my cousin Tom's house. Harry's own cousin Chloe was in attendance (held bottom right by her French grandmother) and Harry again seemed to do just fine in the sea of people.

Yet, the real thrill for Harry's dad today was hearing Harry sing. It happened when Harry's mother was changing a diaper and I was there in the same room setting up his portable crib for a nap. Harry was making noises and when I started paying attention I thought I heard some of the words to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," a song I sing to Harry at bedtime a lot these days. I stopped and asked his mother if he wasn't singing that song and before she answered, Harry started again from the beginning with "Somewhere o' rainbow" with notes that where close
enough to the song to confirm without a doubt that that's exactly what he was doing. He went on to sing another phrase or two in words that bore little to no resemblance to the lyrics of the song, but that's fine. I do the same at times.

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