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September 6, 2001 - Friday
Harry went back to the playground today and headed also straight for the ladder he conquered the last time we were there. And again, he climbed it several times in a row. Interestingly, his technique wasn't as good today. He kept trying to lift his foot without moving his hand up to the next rung and often got to where he was almost stepping on his hand. After a little bit of letting him go on his own, I tried to show him the better method of putting his hands up first, but by then he was just about ready for another activity. I'm pleased, in a way, to say that while we were there he tried to climb a steeper ladder and, after getting just about to the top, decided it was "too tall" and asked for my hand and my help. That's just what I'm hoping he learns as I let him do all these dangerous things. As long as he has a sense of his own limits, I can't be too worried.

As always, Harry wasn't really ready to leave the playground when I first brought up the idea, but amazingly, without a couple minutes he slid down the stairs and started walking toward the car complaining that he didn't want to go. What a mature boy!

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