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September 7, 2001 - Friday
About a week ago, while Harry, his mother, and I were sitting around the breakfast table and while I was showing Harry some of the index cards (I'd run out of blank ones so we're playing games with old words), I held up the card that said "ZOO" and Harry said "zoo." It wasn't prompted, it wasn't a word that we'd used recently, Harry just recognized it and read it. Yet, if there were any doubt about Harry's ability to read (by rote or whatever) it ended this morning. I was over near the refrigerator preparing our cereal and Harry, as he has started to do regularly, had climbed up on my chair at the table in anticipation of the meal. The next thing I hear is Harry saying the word "home" and when I turned to look, Harry had started going through the pile of index cards on his own and had pulled out the card that said indeed "HOME." I watched for a moment longer and Harry, on his own, pulled out the card that read "SPOON." Harry read and said "spoon." As I carried the bowls of cereal over to the table, Harry was working on another card that said "CHAIR" and I guess he didn't remember what it said by rote, because instead of saying the word he began to spell, pointing at each letter, "H," "A," "Y." So he's still learning the details. But, he gets it. No question about it.

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