And, while we're into dangerous things that toddlers should never do... I had this ladder out tonight to do a little job and Harry was determined to climb it. What am I going to do, get him all mad or teach him good skills? With playground experience, he did fine on his own, including when I made him come down on his own, spotting closely, of course.
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September 5, 2001 - Wednesday
Harry regrettably likes to play in the road outside our house. It's not a main road and is nice for Saturday walks down to the frog pond with Harry, but can get busy at the end of the day when Harry gets home and wants to play outside. It may sound convoluted, but, to me, that seems like just the right time to let him do it. If I'm right there and there are a few cars going by, it seems like just the right time to teach him about how to look both ways before going into the road, and to begin to appreciate how dangerous the cars can be. I do this by holding his hand every time a car goes by, then letting go once they're gone. It's not that I like Harry playing in the road, just that we live there and he wants to do it. And, someday I won't be there and he'll need to have the knowledge.

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