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August 23, 2002 - Friday
Circle time at Harry's preschool is when all the kids gather in a circle and sing songs, learn Spanish, or play group games. Not too surprising given the intimidation factor of sitting in a group of unknowns, Harry didn't like or even participate in circle time during our early visits to the school, but I guess he is now more comfortable and including himself in the group's activities. I don't know that from his teachers reporting such progress, indeed I don't really even know if it's true. But, tonight at bedtime, Harry sang almost the entire ABC alphabet song along with his mother while the three of were together on his bed (that's a rarity, because with two kids there's always something else one of us should be doing). He's sung some words of songs before on many occasions, but only in spotty words or phrases. He's never come close to singing an entire song and tonight he pretty did. He may have heard the school from us a time or two, perhaps once or twice from his grandfather, but he didn't get that proficient without studying it somewhere else. I asked him if he learned the song at school. He proudly said, "I did."

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