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August 24, 2002 - Saturday
We've tried to encourage Jeremy to play with the Sparkling Symphony that was Harry's first keyboard fancy, but he's having none of it. Jeremy has watched his older brother on the real piano and is far more interested in that. I've even place the Sparkling Symphony directly in front of the piano bench, thinking that its more appropriate size would entice Jeremy, but he just cries out like he's been hurt by something until we move it and he can get at the real piano.

On the one hand it seems so silly that Jeremy would be so determined to get at something that is far too big. But, we're starting to see the siblings thing at work already. It's far more visible with Harry, often becoming boisterous as Jeremy nears his toys or whatever, but Jeremy's starting assert himself as well. And, it's quite easy to see the piano as an I want what he has kind of thing.

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