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July 22, 2002 - Monday
When I picked the boys up from daycare this afternoon, Jeremy was standing up against the outside of one of those baby bouncer contraptions that allow babies who can't stand yet to exercise their young leg muscles. In this case, though, it was not in use and pushed up against a wall and that made it a convenient prop for Jeremy. As I was sitting their discussing the day, Jeremy started moving back and forth along the side of the bouncer. He made just a few small sideways steps at first, but he was cruising for the first time that any of use had seen. Then, he sidled from the bouncer over to another larger toy item adjacently parked up against the wall and it was certain. He was cruising. Harry first did his cruising a just less than eight months and Jeremy's very close to that at eight and a half months and that's surprising given his extra bulk.

One of the things I was discussing while sitting there was the daycare provider's news that morning that she would need to stop caring for the boys due to family healthcare issues. That's no real problem for Harry, who will be moving to the new school soon anyway, but it's too bad for Jeremy who seems to be just getting used to the place after a little bit of a shaky start. Now he will have to switch again.

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