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July 28, 2002 - Sunday
Over the last week or two, it's become clear that Harry not only knows how to count, but also definitely understands the relation between counting and counted object. He's been able to rattle through his numbers for almost a year now; but, alas, where I originally thought he was truly counting, it proved to really be just a word trick. When it got down to identifying objects on a page, he'd start randomly pointing and counting up with little relation to the actual number of objects being counted. That has changed. Now he's pointing and counting and answering number questions. He's not always perfect, but he's got it.

Harry's also started to work the computer. Actually, I taught him to press the left mouse button to replay one of several streaming video clips on the PBSKids Teletubbies website. I rationalized this thinking that he's been starting to press random keys more lately and that was just going to get worse without clear direction. But, there's no denying that teaching him to press it over and over again, meant that I would not necessarily have to be so attentive to his demands to constantly play the same ones again and again.

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