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August 2, 2002 - Friday
When Jeremy's first two lower teeth appeared at only six months of age, we might have expected he'd be chewing raw meat before the nine months it took for Harry's first tooth to appear. That didn't happen and it's taken another three months for any more of Jeremy's teeth, but finally today his first two top ones peeked through his gums. The next two top teeth are pressing hard, making the gums white, but haven't broken through. Still Jeremy's way ahead of Harry, whose second tooth didn't appear until more than ten months.

Today is the last day we will visit Harry and Jeremy's daycare provider, regularly anyway, as she needs to cut back due to a family illness. Harry last day there was actually yesterday, since we'd planned to visit his new school for the morning today. But, Jeremy was at the daycare today and Harry came along to pick him up at the end of the day. The change is really quite fine for Harry, since he was going to switch to the new school at the beginning of September anyway and there's room for him to start as soon as we return from our family vacation next week. What's more, I think with the additional infants at the daycare, Harry has been growing somewhat bored and ready for a change.

Jeremy, on the other hand, just started going to this daycare and the transition from his part-time baby-sitter to the more crowded place was a little rough on him. That baby-sitter was always expected to be a temporary solution until the daycare had an opening. Fortunately, we've arranged for Mary, the baby-sitter, to take Jeremy back on a full-time basis. She had originally not really wanted to do full-time daycare, but she apparently grew very fond of Jeremy and his laid back manner and seems happy to have him back. Perhaps, it's worked out for the best for him, as he'll return to a happy situation where he'll get lots of attention and doting, plus an occasional, yet constant flow of older kids to teach him new tricks.

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