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August 4, 2002 - Sunday
Cousin Chloe and her mother joined us at the beach for the weekend. Her father, Uncle Ben, had a tennis match and wasn't able to come until this evening. They'll all stay through the day tomorrow, but that made tonight the only real possibility for Uncle Ben to have a lobster dinner. And, so it also made for Harry's first lobster dinner. We actually got him an entire 1 1/4 lobster, on the obvious premise that anything Harry didn't eat would easily be consumed by others. I wasn't sure what Harry would do at the sight of a big red animal with claws being dropped on his plate, but after seeing them at the far end of the table first, he was more curious than anything else. Naturally, Harry did none of the typical lobster preparation of physically breaking the thing apart, but, after very little resistance, ate the better part of both claws before completely turning to potato chips.

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