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August 8, 2002 - Thursday
This is the first year I have let Harry near the water without holding on to his hands and it's because he seems to be at least trying to understand the way the water moves. He was doing this crawling, both this way and facing toward the water, in an attempt, I believe, to feel how the water pushes back and forth. When he stands up he's starting to anticipate the movement of the tides, adjusting his footing, and that's reassurring. Still, he's certainly not getting much in the way of free range in the water; that's for sure.

And, while I continue to spend wonderful time with Harry at the beach, for the last day and a half its been Jeremy who has been more delightful to watch as he becomes more animated around the house. He's still not so interested in the beach, but he's been cruising, playing chase and laughing and smiling, and, of course, working up a hunger. He's always hungry and always, it seems ready to eat whatever he sees in front of him. This evening we visited the Len Libby's candy store and I was walking around holding Jeremy in my arms. I took one of the sample candys they offer and right Jeremy's eyes light up and his little pudgy arms reach toward the candy as if any food anywhere is for him. Fortunately, he's still wonderfully good natured and doesn't seem to worry when, like the candy, it is not for him.

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