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May 10, 2002 - Friday
A little before 1:00 this afternoon we started out on the two and half hour drive to the cabin. Harry was clearly excited about going and for the first 30 minutes as I drove along he aggressively spotted and named just about every bridge, big truck, radio tower, river, building, etc. that we passed. I guess one of the joys of having kids is this rediscovery of life's details and finding joy in the normally mundane pieces of the world around us. Eventually he and Jeremy both fell asleep and I was left to ponder how many times I made a similar trip to the same cabin sitting in the back seat of a car driven by my father. I remember the long trips, at least in a general way. I remember the landmarks we used to espy to mark the journey's progress, only some of which still have remained at all intact through the passage of years. I remember sharing the space in the car with my siblings, sometimes amicably and sometimes less so. I remember that my father sitting in the front seat driving the car was so much older than I was then.

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