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October 5, 2002 - Saturday
When did the things that we used to do on a lazy weekend day become special? It's not a trick question and the answer is sometime after Jeremy was born. I could make an argument, too, for it being when Harry was born, but I don't think that's right. Single babies are just too easy to pick up and go with that those life changes are more cerebral than logistical. Two babies, two boys, means disconnect with the past.

Harry's grandparents took him to his cousin Ben's birthday party this morning and will stay over night. I am not worried about Harry in these situations. He's a good kid and has shown the ability to handle most new adventures. And, callous as it may sound, I'm sure not worried about missing him. I do think of him often, but far more, I'm happy to have a rest. Jeremy? He's still in a delightful age where everything is exciting, but we still sent him to a baby-sitter for the entire afternoon so his mother and I could do "ordinary" weekend things on our anniversary.

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