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October 6, 2002 - Sunday
Sure enough, Harry seemed to have a good time at the birthday party and overnight adventure with his grandparents, thrilled, no doubt, to have new distractions, places, and toys to explore. At least that's the report from his grandparents. Harry, when we asked him what he did at the party, said a coy "nothing." On one occasion he even responded with a fictional "I didn't" when asked simply whether he'd had fun at the party, although he had long since conceded that much when he arrived home.

What's with these cryptic responses? I'd think a two-year-old would be thrilled to tell his parents all about his new adventures, new life conquests (a long trip and sleep-over), the toys that cousin Ben received at the party (even if they weren't Harry's), or anything else about the trip.

"I didn't do anything," he said emphasizing the "any" with a hint of a grin when jocularly pushed on the issue...must be his mother's influence..perhaps not.

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